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Coffee,Tea,Connect: BEANLEAF-Naga

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‘Where do you want to eat?’ is the age-old question lovers, barkadas and families always have to answer when going out.  This question usually yields two opposing responses; absence of opinion or a complete collision of different suggestions.  The former is somewhat a better problem ‘cause the first and nearest resto anyone mentions would be the solution.  The latter though is an entirely different scenario.  I bet you remember several instances of how one friend wants to have milk tea, another ‘needs’ coffee , another craves for a burger and yet another prefers salad. All these drink/food preferences and very limited time that you can catch-up with each other amidst busy schedules are really crucial factors in choosing your hang-out spot. If this is a familiar dilemma for you and your crowd, have no fear. Beanleaf is here! 🙂

The place maintains a modern – contemporary aesthetic with a mix of subdued industrial feels (embodied by brick, accent-walls, and an exposed – industrial ceiling) the colors are predominantly earthier tones, browns, cream and some green color pops.

Walking in from the main entrance, your attention is grabbed by a three themed statement wall. You see a brick wall with a lit up Beanleaf signage unit, next to a wood-panel triangle, next to a Naga-City-themed mural.

The atmosphere in the main dining space is laid back and cozy thanks to the warm accommodating vibe of the wood panel flooring and the comfy furniture.

Beyond the counter, is a corridor with a line of seats and tables that lead to the mall entrance. Also on this corridor you will find a door to a function hall where you could hold small events, and private meetings.

Beanleaf boasts quite a variety of food and beverages (much emphasis on the word “variety”). Primarily known for their coffee and tea drinks, they also have cakes and pastries (your usual café finds), finger food platters, budget-friendly rice meals, burgers, salads and dinner-grade entrees. We went and tried the pulled pork burger, the Caesar salad and the “Platter B” which was a finger food platter that consisted of sausages, squid fries, fish fillet, chicken fillet, French fries and nachos. For our beverages, Ms. Apple, the branch owner, suggested their Nutella overload which was a chocolate-based frappe decked with (you guessed it) delicious, rich, Nutella. I also asked for another drink that wasn’t too sweet, and she suggested the Okinawa Milk tea, which was just the right amount of sweet for my taste. The vast assortment of options makes for a very flexible food joint. I could very much see beanleaf as a breakfast place, a work-day lunch option, an after-work hangout café and a dinner date restaurant. Whatever time of day it is or what mood you’re in, chances are, beanleaf has got you covered.

So, if you haven’t checked Beanleaf out yet, go and visit any of their branches in Naga City. They have a branch at Grand Master Mall (along J. Hernandez Avenue) or their bigger branch at Winwin Mall (along Diversion Road, beside Puregold).  

** All pictures were taken on the grand opening of their branch at Winwin Mall.  Thank you to Naga City Guide for this opportunity as well as to Ms Apple N Dy for being so warm and accommodating. So here are bonus pictures of the event, including some snaps of Mr Jake Cuenca who was the grand opening’s special guest.