Wilcon Depot: an Unconventional Dreamland

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The word “quirk” is defined by dictionary.com as “a peculiarity of action, behavior, or personality; mannerism”, and no matter how plain or ordinary we think we are, we all have our own quirks and little weird ‘cutenesses’; some of us hate chewing noises, some of us obsess over collecting things, some of us actually “like” pineapples on pizza.  One of my little quirks though is HOME DEPOT WINDOW SHOPPING.

One random Tuesday morning in February, I woke up to a beautiful sunny day and thought I should do just that, so I decided that I’ll just go ahead and check out WILCON DEPOT for the first time. Ever since the time the massive home depot caught my eye, walking into the then newly-opened Vista Mall, I have obsessed over the idea of venturing into its courts and loading up on adventure to my heart’s desire.   To my fellow Nagueños and Bicolanos who have not been there yet, Wilcon Depot is located in Barangay Del Rosario right across Vista Mall and has been serving Naga City and the rest of Bicol since 2018.  

So there I was, at the entrance of the depot, looking like a crazed little girl at a toy store, all giddy and excited to explore another dimension.  Upon entering the establishment, my team and I stood in awe of the vast expanse, decked in tile and plumbing supplies. we decided to first visit the lounge for their clientele which caught our eyes us with its sleek, modern aesthetic.

The lounge led to the bathroom area that was a world of its own. It was a long corridor of ideal bathroom set-ups and it felt like stepping into another realm.

Passing through this section, display after display, I couldn’t help but imagine how comfortable it would be to bathe in these tubs. I can only imagine the thrill and anticipation of future home owners or those who are currently having renovations and improvements done to their abodes. Sure, there’s one side where they probably get all wide-eyed over all the expenses but on the other hand, this is a lifetime investment for yourself and/or your family.

Walking out the other end of the bathroom exhibit, we were greeted by a plethora of colorful tile displays.

I’ve been seeing these kinds of prints in several establishments already. I’m not really familiar with home depot or hardware terms but I think they’re called Spanish Tiles.

Walking past several stacks of tiles, we made our way to the furniture section, which just blew us away.

Is it just me, or do the chairs above give off a 90’s sitcom vibe? 😀

We made our way through very poppy statement pieces and subdued, minimalist pieces and every item just gave us inspiration, filling our minds with stuff to put in our dream houses.

Then, at the corner of my eye, was a loud, red-colored object that drew my attention to the outdoors section. I saw this absolutely GORGEOUS piece, a vintage-style Coca-Cola ice chest.

I’m not much into soda products, or anything sweet for that matter, but seeing this piece just makes you think about soda advertisements on TV. I feel like had I been a soda drinker, it would have had me wanting a chilled beverage when I saw this ice box.

I could also imagine this as a part of someone’s memorabilia collection or a really good statement piece at someone’s living room, back yard dining area or game room. Trust me, the color alone demands attention. Calling all future establishment owners, you may want to get first dibs on this. 😀

To those who lack imagination, the pile of synthetic grass carpet above would not bring much excitement but not to me and all my artsy-fartsy sisters (and bros) out there. I think I need a full length frame made of this in the future. I can almost see how useful it will be to future OOTD shots for future blog posts 😀 or just for family portraits. Also, a portion of greenery at home is always welcome.

Is it just me or did you automatically think of weddings and debuts upon seeing this adorably romantic whatchamacallit? LOL Im still researching as to what it’s really called. But you can totally picture a bride with her groom or a debutante in it, right? I think I’d want one in my future house someday, in my garden (woah big words haha). Going back to this wachamacallit piece of charming furniture, I think interior designers and event stylists will definitely have a superb time in this area of the depot.

If you’ve been reading this far [I love you btw if you’ve gotten this far 🙂 ] and are wondering what this place could possibly interest you in [because you’re just not into anything big and stuffy for the home or for anyone for that matter] well, hold that thought. Wilcon Depot is also home to a collection of artsy gift items for just about everyone. Check them out below.

I know I’ve shown you quite a lot of stuff already but believe me, I haven’t covered even a quarter of all the available items at this depot. I went home with a massive eyegasm and an updated list of ‘whats gonna be in my house in the future’.

Just in case you were wondering, the bathroom in this place is way beyond decent. First and foremost, it is sparkling clean and to probably everone’s delight, they have bidets. 😀 It’s definitely comparable to the bathrooms in some hotel lounges. So if you’re here for half a day to do some actual home-depot shopping, you don’t have to worry when nature calls, Wilcon has you covered.

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